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SENKEN-Tactical & Armor Products division ( simply called Senken TAP), is an expert team operating with key partners worldwide to provide the best possible solutions to the professional end-users of the Military, Police, Law Enforcement and Security Force.
We design, produce and deliver state-of-the-art equipment for hard use in real conditions.
We are obsessed with quality and we constantly seek new ways to integrate latest technological solutions into our tactical equipment. The manufacturing of all our products meet or exceed main international certifications, in strict adherence to ISO standards and always under our personal commitment for ultimate customer satisfaction.
SENKEN has ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturing facilities. We undertake rigorous in house testing and research; and ensure that all our products are externally tested agaisnt National Institute of Justice ( NIJ) and CA standards.
-Riot Control: Supplying full range of products from gear for the riot-control officer to special items for entire units.
-Balistics: Manufacturing and supplying bulletproof plates, body armor, ballistic helmets, ballistic material for armored vehicles, special armoring and armored gear complying with the highest international standards.
-Police & Security Items: Providing a wide range of high quality texitile Products, from personal gear, through special tactical items to unit gear.


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